ImaginX is...

a medical imaging workflow management platform which is highly integrated and configurable, providing even more functionality with reduced costs and user effort,

a platform that incorporates RIS / PACS functionality and includes advanced image viewing and mobile capabilities,

interoperates with all modalities which are compatible with DICOM.

Key features

  • Scalable
  • User Friendly
  • Fast
  • Modality Independent
  • Mobile Oriented
  • Knowledge based by design
  • Secure

In compliance with

  • HL7
  • IHE
  • CPOE

IMAGIN X Characteristics & components

Patient Record

Complete patient record management or integration with existing IT solutions depending on customer requirements.

Workflow Management

All medical imaging workflows supported through a single access point.

Remote Access

Anywhere, anytime access for radiologists, clinicians, administrators, technologists, schedulers and transcriptionists.



Easy appointment scheduling and handling. Real time insurance verification and validation by swiping data from national insurance records (SSN).

Online Exam Orders

Online exam order by authorized users any time from any location and from any device with internet access (static or mobile).


DICOM and IHE compliant Vendor Neutral Image Archive with web and smartphone interfaces.


Modality work list

Patient Demographics and Study Details are inserted to modalities automatically.

Modality Interoperability

Advanced DICOM Services applied for exchanging information with modalities

Workflow Automation

View work-lists for appointment confirmation, arrival status, escort to modality, exam status, order information, exam review, report review and billing status.


Image Viewing

Integration with Advanced Universal Viewers to support clinical diagnosis (zero footprint web viewer & mobile viewer) & Advanced Diagnostic Viewers, certified for primary diagnosis (CE Mark IIa & FDA Cleared).


Fully Integrated Dictation, Voice Recognition, and Templating.


Authorized access based on User Login (Secure Sign In). Image sharing and study transfer supported, while applying advanced security standards.


Share and Transfer

Immediate online distribution of patient records and diagnostic images when and where needed.


Whatever the particular needs of your radiology unit, our software can provide your own personal workflow solution.

Non-DICOM or non-HL7 Functionality

Alternative Solutions provided when existing IT solutions are not compliant with HL7 and DICOM protocols.

Experience Imagin Xfeatures & highlights

Why IMAGIN X the next generation solution

Single User Interface

Seamless integration among PACS, RIS and Image Viewers.

Workflow Automation

Fully automated medical imaging workflow management and extended RIS / PACS functionality included.


Vendor Independent

Integration with other medical information systems (e.g. HIS, LIS) and interoperability with all kinds of modalities as long as they comply with HL7 and DICOM.

Natively Mobile

Mobile oriented by design. Provides mobile functionality in critical areas.


Advanced Image Viewing

View imaging exams from any place with Internet access and from any device and with the resources available. Supported viewers: Diagnostic Viewers (OsiriX Ready), Zero Footprint Web Viewers, Light Viewers, Mobile Viewers.

Flexible and Secure

Flexible and modular and designed to deliver precisely what customers require while applying advanced security standards.


Knowledge Based

Right Information available in the Right Time, at the Right Place, in the Right Context, to the Right Person.

Easy deployment

Scalable, user-friendly, fast, modular, enterprise wide, cost effective.


Events / News

  • Mobihealth 2014 | Athens, Greece 3 – 5 November 2014

    OraSys will be a sponsor at the international convention Mobihealth 2014 that will take place in Athens, Greece in November 3 – 5, 2014.

    During the convention OraSys is going to present at the Satellite Event the OraSys ImaginX and shall have the chance to discuss with other IT professionals and academics about the latest trends in medical imaging and in medical IT in general.

    Read More
  • OraSys ImaginX Presentations

    OraSys ImaginX was presented to representatives of the hospitals’ management and staff (Radiologists, Technologists, Clinicians, Biomedical and IT staff).

    The system received positive reviews from the audience and most of them expressed their belief that a potential implementation and operation to the hospitals would have significant benefits for both hospitals and patients.

    Read More
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